Desert Island

(Identity design 2014)

Desert Island is a modestly sized shop packed with visual books and art from top to bottom. Regular serial and indie comics, illustrated kid’s books, art books, graphic novels, handmade artists books, vintage Mad magazines and comics, and copious prints and posters. The decor includes an enormous handmade chandelier of swirling blue arrows, novelty bumper stickers, elaborate paisley wallpaper, sculptiral remnants of former window displays, and piles of Smoke Signal, the free comics anthology regularly published by the store. Any artist can sell their comic or zine at Desert Island, making for a fun mix of unexpected creations from all over the world.

Smoke Signal 

Smoke Signal is a quarterly tabloid comics anthology published by Desert Island.  Desert Island aims for a mix of established independent artists and up-and-comingunknowns. Copies are available in Desert Island web store while they remain in print,and are always available for free at our physical store in Brooklyn.