Humming Board

(Identity design 2014)

Branding and identity design for hoverboard brand called Humming board. Ever since we were children and first saw Marty McFly hop on a hoverboard to escape from the bad guys in Back to the Future Part II (1989), we have always dreamed of having own hoverboard. Now the future has arrived.It’s your turn to see your dreams come alive. Time to hop on the future. Time to take off against the wind. Become one with the air. Ride between the ground and the sky. What you see is what you are. Keep facing the future. Ignore the shadow of the past. Do whatever it is you truly want. Fly wherever your dream takes you. Don’t limit yourself. You can go as far as your mind lets you. Hover like a Hummingbird. There is nothing to stop you. Where you are going, you don’t need roads.

Turn it on, Hit the road.

The Humming Board App is the control center for your Humming Board. You can activate your board via this app and track route information such as path, distance, speed, and travel time. You can also rate and share locations with the Hmming board community SNS.

New board, New device.

You can also control your board via this apple watch app. Activate your board and track route.


HOVER PARK is a purpose-built recreational environment made for hoverboarding.